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    Through the four plans, the training targets will be gradually cultivated to become the successors of key positions and the company’s reserve talents.
    Key positions mainly refer to some important intermediate and senior positions required by the company according to the current or future development.
    Reserve talents mainly refer to the company’s response to the future. Some of the talents with training potential in the company's middle and senior positions can be replaced by the development and change reserves.

  • The plan aims to cultivate new employees who are motivated, willing to learn, and enterprising, so that they will gradually grow into departmental technical backbones and business backbones.
  • The plan aims to cultivate the company's existing ordinary employees with more than two years of work experience and potential for further training, so that they will gradually grow into the heads of various functional departments.
  • The plan aims to cultivate the company's middle-level management cadres with further training potential, so that they can gradually grow into the company's unique talents, and reserve talents for the company's director and vice president-level positions.
  • The plan aims to prepare for the company's future strategic expansion by cultivating existing senior managers and technical leaders to gradually grow into comprehensive talents.
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